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Eco Laundry System FAQs

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Eco Laundry System Application

1. Is this a washing machine or appliance?

The ozone laundry system is an appliance that you attach to your existing washing machine.

2. What kind of washing machines does your ozone laundry system work with?

Ozone laundry system will work with any residential washing machine, but not for any commercial or industrial applications.

3. Does Eco Laundry System / ECO Mini Purifier / ECO Commercial Purifier work with all forms of water?

ECO Laundry System / ECO Mini Purifier / ECO Commercial Purifier will work with all household water qualities, but the better the incoming water quality, the better the cleaning effects you will have. If you use hard water, we recommend that you use a water softener for hard water and/ or a pre-filter for chlorine.

4. Is the water from ECO Laundry System / ECO Mini Purifier / ECO Commercial Purifier used for drinking?

No, ECO Laundry System / ECO Mini Purifier / ECO Commercial Purifier is designed and recommended for washing clothes, kitchen washing, pet sterilizing, and so on, but not for drinking or ingesting directly.

5.Where can we use the ozone laundry system?

Water treatment, air treatment, medical treatment, laundry, food, etc.

Ozone Laundry System Cleanliness And Safety

1. How Does Detergent Less laundry System Work?

Detergentless laundry system uses the cleaning and sterilizing power of ozone - known as nature's detergent. When ozone comes in merges with water, it forms hydrogen peroxide. It’s nature’s way of cleaning the environment. Ozone is nature's most powerful oxidizing disinfecting agent. It kills germs, viruses, bacteria, mold, and yeast. Ozone leaves no toxic residue and is non-carcinogenic.

After it is properly connected with your washing machine or the water tap, it will automatically work when you turn on the washing machine or the water tap without any other operations.

2. Does the Ozone Washing System clean as well as hot water and detergent?

Ozone Washing System cleans better than hot water and detergent. Laundry detergents do not disinfect your laundry, but instead, they encourage bacteria growth and odors. Ever notice that moldy, mildew smell when you’ve left your laundry load in the washer too long? That smell is bacteria growth! But that doesn't happen when you use an Ozone Washing System.

In just 5 minutes, Ozone Washing System will Kills:

    E. Coli     100% of Escherichia Coli (E. Coli)
    Yeast Infection     94% of Yeast (Yeast Infection)
    Mold or Fungus     66% of Aspergillus brasiliensis (Mold/Fungus)
    Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever     54% of Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever)
    Salmonella     46% of Salmonella typhimurium (Salmonella)
    Staph Infection     43% of Staphylococcus aureus (Staph Infection)

3. What kind of bacteria can be killed by the residential ozone laundry system?

Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc.

4. What is the sterilizing rate?

Around 99.6%.

5. Does my water quality matter?

Keep in mind that like any home appliance, ECO Laundry System / ECO Mini Purifier / ECO Commercial Purifier works best with filtered water. This keeps minerals from depositing in the unit. Bad water quality may lead to lesser performance.

6. Do tough stains have to be pretreated?

We recommend that you continue to pre-treat stains in the same manner as always. Tough stains should be pre-treated in the same method before using the ozone washer system. For normally soiled laundry, use a soapless laundry system will allow you to use less detergent or no detergent at all.

7. Is the laundry pure system safe for people and the environment?

Yes. The ozone is an active gas, it will decompose into the oxygen and disappear after about 30 mins in the air. Besides, if you use the ozone under the safety standard, it will not harm the people.

8. What’s the safety standard of ozone?

    Country /   Organization

    Ozone   Concentration / Contact Time

    International Ozone Association

    0.1ppm, allowed contact of 10 hours


    0.1ppm, allowed contact of 8 hours

    Germany, France and Japan



    0.15ppm, allowed contact of 10 hours

Ozone Washing System Product Information

1. What are the differences between ECO Laundry G1 and G3?

    a. Different compositions:

        · ECO Laundry G1 (basic model): ozone generator + UV light + LED light.

        · ECO Laundry G3 (updated model): ozone generator (3 ozone level) + air dryer + LED bar.

    b. Different features:

    ECO Laundry G1:

        · 2 kinds of sterilizing methods: ozone and UV light.

        · LED light: show the working status, normal and abnormal.

    ECO Laundry G3:

        · 3 ozone level: high level, low level, no ozone. You can choose different ozone levels based on various clothes.

        · Air dryer: dry the incoming air to increase the ozone concentration and make the ozone generator work stably.

        · LED bar: show the working status, for example, power on/off, high level/low level/no ozone level, leakage alarm, water flow, etc.

        · Magnetizer: use the magnetizing principle to soften the water.

2. How do you control the product quality?

    · Incoming materials: electronic components test, ozone concentration (ozone output in the air) test.

    · All pipe systems: pipe pressure test.

    · Semi-finished products: running the test under the power on and the water on.

    · Finished products: running the test under the power on.

    · Inspection before the shipment: inspect the goods in a certain percent.

3. How long is the service life of the ozone laundry systems?

2-3 years.

4. What’s your warranty policy?

1.5 years free.

5. Will you provide the free spare parts?

Yes, we will. When you place the bulk order, we will provide you with some main parts for free.

6. Are the laundry pure systems can be easily installed?

Yes, they are. We also have the installation guide for your reference.

Basic FAQs About Wowtech Technology

1. Are you the manufacturer or the trading company?

We are the manufacturer.

2. What’s your monthly production?

5000 pcs for ECO Laundry, ECO Laundry G3, ECO Mini Purifier. 1000 pcs for ECO Commercial Purifier. 10000 pcs for Greenleaf ozone air purifier.

3. Can you provide OEM/ODM service?

Yes, we can.

4. What’s your MOQ?

1002pcs for ECO Laundry, ECO Laundry G3, ECO Mini Purifier, 100pcs for ECO Commercial Purifier, 1040pcs for Greenleaf ozone air purifier.

5. Do you have any stock for all models?

No. All products will be produced upon the receipt of the order.

6. Do you have any patents?

Yes, we have 6 invention patents, 17 design patents, and utility model patents.

7. What kinds of certificates do you have?


8. What’s your payment term?

100% T/T in advance for sample order, 50% as deposit and balance before the shipment for the bulk order.

9. What is your delivery time?

3 workdays after your payment for the sample order, 30 days after the receipt of the deposit for the bulk order.

10. Is the sample free?

When you place the bulk order, we will refund the sample fee to you.

11. Is the shipping freight free?

No. The shipping freight will be undertaken by the customer.

12. How can I place the order?

There are 3 ways to place the order:

    · If you are a member of ALIBABA, please go to and find “Order” or “Start Order” to place it.

    · If you are not a member of ALIBABA, please go to and find the product to send an inquiry.

    · You can go to / and directly contact our customer service to place order.

13. Where have you ever exported?

US, Spain, Italy, Denmark, France, Dubai, India, Thailand, and so on.

14. Where are they sold best?


15. Do you have any sole distributors?

Yes, we have a sole distributor in Spain and Italy.

16. Do you usually attend the trade show?

Yes, we do.

17. Can you provide with the neutral product or the neutral box?

Yes, we can.

18. Are the products packed well enough?

Yes. Each product will be packed in a plastic bag and be protected by the foam. 1pc/color box, 6pcs/CTN.

19. What kinds of after-sales service do you provide for the distributors?

    · Online technical support.

    · Video or document to show how to change the spare parts.

20. How do you think of the market prospect of this product?

There will be a huge market for this product. Because this product is good for human health and the environment.


21. Do you have any promotions about selling?


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