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Comparison of Traditional Washing Method And Ozone Washing Method

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Traditional laundry method

Traditional laundry uses washing powder or liquid detergent to wash clothes. However, both washing powder and liquid detergent contain chemical substances, and there will be chemical residues after washing clothes, which can cause damage to people's skin.

Washing powder is made of petrochemical products, and it cannot be completely dissolved during washing. Incomplete rinsing will result in residual washing powder. Things like itchy skin or hard fabric surface are caused by the residue of washing powder. Research by Japanese medical experts showed that most of the housewives who used washing powder in Jinghua City would have dish-shaped liver spots on the face, which is a manifestation of liver influence. It can be seen that the residue of washing powder is urgent.

Ozone laundry

New laundry technology-ozone laundry, ozone laundry is a greenwashing that quickly sterilizes and degrades organic pollutants. Ozone molecules kill various bacteria and viruses attached to clothes and eliminate detergent residues. These residues come from washing powder, which can harm human skin. Ozone laundry system has played a very important role in energy-saving and emission reduction in the laundry room. Traditional laundry has high energy consumption and cost, which restricts the development of enterprises, and ozone laundry can change this problem.

Ozone laundry is a new technology in the laundry service industry, which has a good development prospect, but it also has many shortcomings and faces great challenges. A new technology from research and development to mature application can not be done in a day or two, it takes a lot of experiments to find the best way to use it. In recent years, Wowtech has focused on the research and development of ozone disinfection and has developed a number of products leading the world. G3 ozone washing system is one example, it can solve the possible drawbacks of the new technology of ozone washing.

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