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Basic information of ozone laundry system

The Eco Ozone Laundry System is an eco-conscious appliance designed to work with your residential washing machine. It infuses cold tap water with ozone, hydrogen peroxide and ions and mixes them together through a static mixer to create the ultimate oxidizer known as the hydroxyl radical. The Eco Laundry will deep clean laundry and kill bacteria and viruses without leaving behind any residual detergent buildup. 

Cold Water Only

You can clean clothes without using hot water. Ozone generator converts pure water into high-purity ozone and dissolves in water. The ozone water is intelligently controlled by the washing machine, and the appropriate amount of cold water enters the drum of the washing machine. The sterilization rate is as high as 99%.

Fit Any Type of Washing Machine

The ozone laundry system can be connected to any washing machine via standard water pipes. After that, you only need to press the system operation button to start washing automatically, without any additional complicated operations.


First, you don't need to buy laundry detergent, which saves money. In addition, with the ozone laundry system, you do not need to use hot water to achieve the same cleaning effect, which saves electricity costs for heating. Without chemicals, clothing lasts longer, which saves a lot of money on clothes.

Without Chemical Residue

Because no detergent is used, chemicals do not remain on the laundry after washing process. Eliminates common skin irritation caused by harsh cleaning detergents and disinfection products, making it ideal for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Quick And Easy Installation

Determine the installation location first, and then install the mounting bracket. Place the ozone washing system on the mounting bracket. Turn off the cold water tap and move the existing cold water hose to the ozone laundry system. You can start using it now.

How does ozone laundry system work

Other Benefits of Ozone Laundry System

Other Benefits of Ozone Laundry System

1.Odor Removal 
If the detergent left in the washing machine is not cleaned for a long time, the machine will smell bad. The invisible slime gathers behind the wash wheel and combines with moisture, creating a comfortable place for bacteria, mold, and viruses to multiply. The ozone washing system can save a lot of detergent during the washing process, and the ozonated water has the functions of disinfection, killing bacteria, mold, and virus, and removing odor.

2. Strong Disinfection on Bacteria And Virus
G3 ozone washer system is an advanced washing technology with strong sterilization ability. The sterilization rate for Escherichia coli is 99.67%, for Staphylococcus aureus is 99.57%.

3. Zero Pollution to Environment
The G3 system decomposes ozone into the water, and ozone dissolves into O-, OH into water. For O3 on the left, it will decompose into oxygen, which is completely harmless to the human body and the environment.

4. Save Energy Cost
Eliminate the hot water using during the washing machine, can save the cost on heating(electric).

5. Cloth More Fluffier, Color More Vibrant
For a typical consumer, an important consequence of the laundry process is the softness of the clothes. The G3 laundry system requires only a small amount of detergent during the rinsing process, making clothes softer. Typical laundry detergents contain up to 50% zeolite. Zeolite can be used as an abrasive to remove stains from clothes. Zeolites also break down fibers in clothing, making them break down faster. Clothes washed with the G3 laundry pure system are more durable than clothes washed with standard detergents.
6. More choice of Ozone Concentration Levels
G3 is designed with three ozone levels in the water, high level, low level, and Off, which can meet different applications.

7.Extra Benefits for Kitchen Applications
G3 ozone laundry system is not only used for cleaning and disinfecting laundry but also for cleaning and disinfecting fruits, fish, meat, etc. in the kitchen.

8. Ozone Water Make Your Home Cleaner And Safer
G3 processed water contains OH, O- and O3, which are good on disinfecting and cleaning. G3 laundry system volumizes fabrics, and reduce skin irritation. Normal detergents are never fully rinsed from clothing after a wash cycle. These detergents continue to build up and can cause skin irritation. The G3 laundry system does not leave any residue, and can also carry away detergent entrained on laundry previously washed with regular detergent. You can also use the processed water to wash cookware, toys, towels, etc.

9. Reliable product performance and quality assurance
G3 has been launched on the market for over 5 years and has received many good feedbacks from European markets such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Product quality strictly follows the ISO9001-2015 quality management system and passed CE & RoHS certification issued by the German TUV authority.


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