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Benefits of ozone laundry - Reduce Carbon Footprint

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Benefits of Ozone Laundry

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Eliminating the need for hot water in most commercial laundry operations will greatly reduce the amount of Carbon released into the atmosphere. With the ever-increasing threat of Global Warming all around us today, it is becoming virtually impossible to do anything without first considering its environmental impact. How much water will this use? How much energy will this consume? How much pollution will it all generate? These are all good questions among the growing list of concerns.

Traditional laundering methods on average consume 3 gallons of water with each pound of linen processed. In a typical laundry, 70% of that water is heated. For every 1,000 pounds of linen, you will use 3,000 gallons of water of which 2,100 gallons will be heated. Assuming the incoming water temperature is 60-degrees and your target temperature is 160-degrees, you will heat 2,100 gallons of water by 100 degrees. 8.33 Btu’s will heat one gallon of water by one degree. 2,100 gallons x 8.33 x 100 = 1,749,300 Btu’s used to heat the water for every 1,000 pounds of linen processed.

One of the biggest contributors to Global Warming is the release of GHG’s or Green-House Gases into the atmosphere as a result of our activities. Carbon Dioxide is the big one. Everything we do that uses energy made with fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, releases Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. This is a result of the combination of Oxygen and Hydrocarbons in the burning process which produces Carbon Dioxide. The more energy we use, the more Carbon Dioxide we release (or cause to be released) into the atmosphere.

Natural Gas is used to supply heat for most laundry operations and the volume of gas consumed is usually expressed as cubic feet (cf) or thousand cubic feet (1,000ft3 or MCF) of Natural Gas. It is relatively easy to determine just how much carbon you release into the atmosphere using fossil fuels like Natural Gas. The Department of Energy of the United States has created a chart of Carbon Equivalencies that shows just how much Carbon on average is released into the atmosphere from burning a given volume of various fossil fuels.

In a typical laundry, the amount of energy required to dry the linen is roughly equivalent to the amount of energy required to heat the water. Most dryers and ironers also use Natural Gas with the same problems of creating GHG’s and contributing to Global Warming just like heating the water. If it takes roughly 1,749,300 Btu’s (1.75 million Btu’s) to heat the water to wash 1,000 pounds of linens, on average it will take 1.75 million Btu’s to dry the linens. That means processing just 1,000 pounds of linen with traditional laundering methods will consume over 3.5 million Btu’s to complete the job. That is an absolutely enormous amount of energy required to wash only 1,000 pounds of linens. A 1,000 room luxury hotel can create 30,000 pounds of linen or more per day to be washed. This includes linens from pool areas, exercise rooms and kitchen/dining and room service operations. Imagine how many pounds of linen are washed in Las Vegas or at Disney World each day! In Las Vegas alone there are more than 140,000 hotel rooms. It’s almost more than you want to consider.

Global Warming is being caused in part by all of the Carbon being released into the atmosphere in the form of Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2). Carbon acts like a heat reservoir by reducing the amount of heat the Earth can radiate back into space at night. Our Planet and all life enjoy the perfect balance that has been created over millions of years where just enough heat is retained and just enough heat is radiated back out into space each day. Our addition to the volume of Carbon suspended in the atmosphere as a component of Carbon Dioxide Gas is disturbing this balance and contributing to a rise in the overall average temperature of the Planet. A rise in Global temperatures will have many far-reaching effects, some of which we won’t even be aware of until it is too late to stop them.

Burning Natural Gas releases approximately 120.593 pounds of Carbon into the atmosphere for every 1,000 cubic feet (1,000 ft3) of Natural Gas consumed. Or, Natural Gas releases 117.080 pounds of Carbon per million Btu’s of heat created. The above example of 1,000 pounds of linen processed will release approximately 409.62 pounds of Carbon into the atmosphere! That’s for every 1,000 pounds of linen processed. Imagine how much Carbon is released into the atmosphere in Las Vegas each day just from washing all the sheets, towels, rags, robes, napkins, table cloths, mats, mops and other linen items. Easily more than one million pounds of Carbon are released into the atmosphere in Las Vegas from textile care operations alone each day. Now add that to the amount of Carbon released supplying electricity for all the lights, TV’s, Air Conditioners and computers and Carbon released from all the motor vehicles and you can start to imagine the scope of the problem.

We can do something about this dooms-day scenario by simply turning off the lights and TV when we leave a room, keeping doors and windows closed, adding or improving insulation, reducing the amount of energy we waste on non-essential uses and converting to an ozone standard in the commercial laundry industry. Truly an opportunity exists with ozone laundry technology to turn the tide of this impending Global catastrophe and because of the availability of Water Energy Green Laundry Systems(ozone laundry water purifier), the time to do ozone laundry is now!

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