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What is Ozone Laundry Washer System

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What is VOCs

With the advancement of technology in recent years, the way we wash clothes has changed dramatically. From traditional washing machines to today's ozone washing machines, we have found that clothes can be cleaned without using hot water and detergent. Most people may not know that detergents contain harmful substances, known as VOCs.

The harm of VOC to human body and environment is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:


On the one hand, some substances in VOCs can cause direct harm to humans and the environment. For example, high levels of VOCs in the living room cause damage to people's senses such as vision and hearing. Prolonged exposure to such environments can even cause neuroticism or depression. Moreover, formaldehyde can irritate people's throat and lungs, cause breathing difficulties, headaches, chest tightness, and even cause emphysema.

On the other hand, VOCs will also cause more serious indirect harm to the atmospheric environment, that is, photochemical pollution caused by VOCs that many environmental protection scholars pay more attention to. Representative constituents of photochemical pollution smog are ozone, peroxyacetyl ni-trate (PAN), and formaldehyde. The mechanism of photochemical pollution is that the half-life of most VOC degradation is short (usually several hours to 3 months). When it is catalyzed by ultraviolet, it decomposes or chemically reacts with nitrogen oxides through the following reaction process Generates ozone.

Technology of Ozone Laundry Washer System

Ozone washing machines use the principle of ozone sterilization and do not require the use of chemical cleaning agents. Ozone laundry system uses electrical energy in a unique way to convert air into a certain concentration of ozone. Eco friendly laundry system replaced the traditional washing laundry machine.

Ozone is dissolved in water and is applied to the cleaning wheel instead of a chemical cleaning agent. The ozone washer will continuously circulate the air to completely kill all kinds of germs attached to the clothes. Air washing was completed.

Use no soap washing machine, no hot water, no abrasion, no deformation, suitable for various articles. After testing by the health and epidemic prevention department, the sterilization rate of this product reached 99.99%.

Of course, in addition to air washing, ozone wash can also be washed with water. And it has intelligent heating, water-cooled drying and other functions. soapless washing machine greatly reduce the environmental impact of traditional laundry operations.

ozone laundry system

Ozone laundry system process

Ozone generator converts pure water into high-purity ozone and dissolves in water.

The ozone water is intelligently controlled by the washing machine, and the appropriate amount of cold water enters the drum of the washing machine.

Ozone will spread to the surface of clothing and immediately attack and destroy the structure of bacteria and viruses. The sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%.

Ozone can degrade oil molecules and open the clothing fiber. It makes dehydration more effective and drying time shorter.

When the washing machine does not enter the water, ozone will be stored in the storage container for the next washing cycle.

Advantages of ozone laundry systems

Wash with cold water

The usual way of washing in a laundry room is to use hot water. Also use steam to increase the temperature to 70-80 degrees Celsius to achieve the purpose of sterilization and cleanliness. And the heating process consumes a lot of energy, about 50% -60%. Adding an eco laundry system for cold water washing can reduce the heating energy used in washing machines by 90%.

Reduce washing programs and save water

The traditional washing program is generally 6 washing processes: pre-wash, main wash, 3 times of water, neutralization and softness. The eco wash laundry is only 3-4 times. By reducing the number of washing cycles, water can be saved by about 25%. And ozone laundry system does not affect the washing quality.

Reduce washing time and save power and labor costs

With the eco wash laundry, the washing time has been shortened from 45-55 minutes to 30-40 minutes. Correspondingly, the power consumption is reduced, and the manual labor is also reduced. If your laundry often requires employees to work overtime to complete the washing task, you don’t need to worry about this after installing the ozone system.

Ozone laundry system application

Ozone-washed linen is easier to dry

Compared with the traditional method, the ozone-washed linen is particularly dry after dehydration, which can shorten the drying time. Save about 10-15% of the steam consumed in the dryer. It can also extend the service life of linen.

Softened laundry water

Water often contains soluble salts such as calcium and magnesium, causing water hardening. Ozone in the detergentless laundry system breaks them down into individual elements and then forms a precipitate, making the washing water soft. Soft water makes detergents work better.

Disinfection and deodorization

Ozone laundry system can quickly kill bacteria, including some stubborn bacteria. This function has been proven in other fields and it is also an effective deodorant. The clothes washed out by the no detergent laundry system are more fragrant and dry without leaving any odor.

Prevents dirt from settling again

Traditional methods of washing often cause dirt to settle back onto the laundry. Ozone oxidizes stains into other substances that are easily soluble in water. For example, most of the end products are water and carbon dioxide after the reaction between organic matter and ozone. Dirt will no longer settle on clothing. This is why the detergentless laundry system can reduce the number of cleaning cycles.

Reduce pollution emissions

Ozone itself is a water treatment agent. Some high-demand water treatment equipment have this process of ozone purification. Therefore, the pollution of sewage after soapless laundry system is greatly reduced. You can recycle it with a little processing.

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