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A natural laundry provided by nature

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Did you know ?

Ozone is a strong natural oxidizer and disinfectant. It kills microbes much faster than weaker oxidizers like chlorine - up to 3,000 times faster. But unlike chlorine, ozone oxidation leaves no harmful or foul byproducts and residue, only pure oxygen. Moreover, microorganisms can’t build up a tolerance to ozone as they can to less reactive chemicals like chlorine.

Ozone Facts

· Disinfects 3,000 times faster than chlorine

· Powerful biocidal: 99.5-99.7% killing rate of bacteria and viruses (150% more effective than chlorine)

· Eliminates odors

· Unlike chlorine, ozone does not generate toxic by-products

· Strongest oxidant on earth besides fluorine

· Chemical-free technology + complete degradation of organic waste positive environmental impact 

Ozone, which carries an electrical charge, does the disinfecting in place of hot water. Ozone works well in cold water and reacts very rapidly, dissolving soil on contact. Hot water is unnecessary for most ozone laundry systems. Being a strong oxidant, adding ozone to the wash cycle allows you to use significantly less detergent while achieving a superior cleansing effect. Because the detergent has been reduced, rinse cycles to remove detergent residues may be unnecessary or shortened. With less detergent, linens and clothes do not compact as much and they release less lint.

Ozone is a strong natural oxidizer and disinfectant. It kills microbes much faster than weaker oxidizers like chlorine - up to 3,000 times faster.

Green technology is a booming sector of our economy and not just because of the environment,Any business that launders a lot of linens and clothing, including hospitals, hotels, motels, child care facilities, retirement homes, and even commercial laundry services can easily save tens of thousands of dollars every year

An added bonus, according to managers of the Le Centre Sheraton, is the quality of the linens and towels. “Maids tell us the towels are softer and whiter than they’ve ever been,” said hotel manager Luneau. “Guests love it. When they come into the bathroom and see those fluffy, brightly-white towels, it has an impact. There’s a wow factor!”Luneau and Verner are happy about another “wow” factor - the feeling they get whenever they review their detergent and water bills and see a significant savings, month after month, thanks to their ozone laundry system.

Benefits of treating wash cycle water


Through ozonation, soils are chemically altered into soil oxidents that are easier to treat and process. Subsequently, using ozone as a wash chemical improves the economics and efficiency of the washing process. Laundries benefit in several major areas:

· Reduced chemical expense. Ozone substantially reduces the amount of wash chemicals required and makes some chemicals obsolete.

· Wash time reduction. This is achieved by shortening certain wash events and eliminating other events. Mechanical action and detergents are more effective in the presence of ozone, allowing for shorter break and suds events. Less residual chemicals are used in the formula permitting the elimination of some rinses.

· Increased production. A considerable increase in laundry facility output by reducing formula time and chemicals.

· Decreased electrical consumption. Even though the ozone system operates on electrical power, the reduction in wash time yields substantial electrical savings.

· Reduced water usage. Significant water savings are realized through the removal of washing events.

· Utility savings. Lower wash temperatures and elimination of some hot water cleaning cycles reduces water heating costs.

· Decreased effluent concentrations. Decreased use of residual wash chemicals, transformation of soils into an oxide form and increased levels of dissolved oxygen aid in reducing levels of pollution in waste water.

· Increased textile life. Less mechanical action, lower alkalinity and reduced wash temperatures improve textile life.

· Superior sanitization capabilities. Ozone has gained widespread use in purifying drinking water. It has replaced harsh chlorine treatments because its remarkable oxidizing power has demonstrated the ability to destroy bacteria up to 3,000 times faster than chlorine.

· Improved deodorization. Most odors are associated with molecules that have centers of high electron density. As ozone reacts with these molecules, oxide compounds and oxygen are produced and odor is eliminated.

· Reduced machine maintenance. Reduced machine run time.

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