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Eco laundry G1 Ozone Laundry System (OLK-W-01)

  • OLK-W-01

Eco laundry G1 Ozone Laundry System(OLK-W-01)



Patent Technology Make life healthy

The Ecolaundry G1 is an environmentally friendly appliance designed to work with your residential washing machine. It infuses cold tap water with ozone, hydrogen peroxide and ions and mixes them together through a static mixer to create the ultimate oxidizer known as the hydroxyl radical. 
The Ecolaundry G1 will deep clean laundry and kill bacteria and viruses without leaving behind any residual detergent buildup. 
Ecolaundry G1 model pays for itself quickly. The average family of four can save up to $700/year on doing their laundry!   


Application: Clean clothes, towel and sheet
1) Less or no detergents
2) Irritant and odor free
3) Kill 99.6% germs
4) Increases fabric life
5) Conserves energy
6) No pollution
7) CE &Rohs & UL& CUL & Patent
Product Name / Model: Eco Laundry  G1  (OLK-W-01)
Electricity: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz   DC 12V 3A 36W
Water Pressure / Flow: 20PSI~100PSI   /   L: 4.5L/min  H: 6.5L/min
Ozone Concentration: 0.5~1.0 mg/L
Dimension / Net weight: 16.41’’ X 7.95’’ X 3.66’’ / 3.85 LBS 


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