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  • Working Principle of Ozone Deodorization

    Ozone is more and more used in daily life, but do you know its deodorizing principle? This article mainly introduces the principle of ozone deodorization. Click for more information!

  • 3 Ways of Ozone Sterilization

    In addition to the role of ozone in protecting humans and reducing the damage of ultraviolet rays, there is another use of ozone, that is, sterilization. We will introduce you 3 ways to ozone sterilization.

  • Eco Laundry System FAQs

    This article mainly introduces some common questions and answers about eco ozone laundry system. We also introduced some information about our company.

  • What is Ozone Laundry Washer System

    Ozone washing machines use the principle of ozone sterilization and do not require the use of chemical cleaning agents. Ozone laundry system uses electrical energy in a unique way to convert air into a certain concentration of ozone. Eco friendly laundry system replaced the traditional washing laundry machine.

  • A natural laundry provided by nature

    Ozone, which carries an electrical charge, does the disinfecting in place of hot water. Ozone works well in cold water and reacts very rapidly, dissolving soil on contact. Hot water is unnecessary for most ozone laundry systems. Being a strong oxidant, adding ozone to the wash cycle allows you to us

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