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An air purifier is an indoor device that filters domestic or industrial air and is used primarily to remove pollution, improve air quality and purify the air. The purpose of this device is to limit the spread of harmful residues or allergens and to prevent asthma or allergy problems related to air quality in people at risk (children, the elderly, sensitive people, etc.). These devices can also be used preventively by people who do not have any particular problems but who wish to protect their health and that of their friends and family. This makes air purifiers, first and foremost, devices dedicated to combating ambient pollution and contributing to the improvement of indoor air quality.


Ozone Air Purifier

An ozone room purifier takes normal oxygen (O2) from the air and converts it into Ozone (O3) by running an electric charge through it. Electricity causes the oxygen molecules to rearrange themselves into the ozone we know and love. Since the application of ozone machines range from home use to hospitals and hotels, these devices come in a variety of sizes, to cover both large and small spaces.

Car Air Purifier

Apart from air purifiers placed at your homes and offices, mini car air purifiers are also becoming popular. Being on the road means exposure to a lot of pollutants from car emissions, smoke from industries and general dust. These pollutants can lead to various respiratory diseases and also make it worse for people with respiratory disorders. That's when a car ioniser air purifier comes in handy.

Air Quality Solution

Air Purification

Wowtech Ozone generators produce millions of molecules that attack and destroy odor, bacteria, tiny insects, mold and mildew.


Odor Elimination

No matter how difficult an odor Wowtech air purifiers can destroy all odor caused by most common causes.

Get Rid of Mold & Mildew

The easiest and most effective way to deal with air odor problems all without all the messy chemicals and labor.

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