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WOWTECH 2017 New Products Conference

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WOWTECH 2017 New Products Conference
On Aug.13th ~14th ,   WOWTECH will hold 2017 new products conference . We will show new environmental products that we developed in the past 2016 . The conference will last two days .  Mr Yangkai will provide full explanation for new deivces . In the second day , our CEO , Mr Liu Xianguo will report makert strategy and share his new concept in innovative economic model. 


Place :         WOWTECH market service center ( the 31st flooe HongJu mansion ) 
Time :          9:00 AM ( Agu.13th ) ~  15:00PM ( Aug.14th) 
Email :        sales@nbwowtch.cn 
Tel :             400-096-9900 / 18667802110 

New products 
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                  Tap Water Purifier                                                                          Smart Plasma Air Purifier                                                Infrared Heater                                                        
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                                    EID                                                                                          Silver Stone                                                       Oxygen Water 

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