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ECO ozone spa sanitizer

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What can we do when winter is coming ...
What can we do when tired of sickness ???
What  can we do when feel depressed ???  

Try the ECO ozone spa sanitizer at home !!!
Try the ECO ozone spa sanitizer at home

You just need a set of Eco commercial purifier !!!

You just need a set of Eco commercial purifier
Eco commercial purifier

Main Superorities
As natural skin care  
1)  Replace shower product for softer and healthier skin
2)  Keep the skin free from germs with less drying compared to ordinary chemical cleansing substance.
Kill microorganism like bacteria, viruses, mould
1)  Kill 99.6 % escherichia coli and  staphylococcus aureus e coli  in very short time
2)  Help Treat and Prevent Pimples, Acne and other Skin Disorders
Hair Care : Protects damaged hair, restoring its color and manageability
Drying incoming air to ensure the high concentration of active oxygen
High gas- liquid mixture to keep oxygen level stability
No water storage , purifying water simultaneous, to avoid the second pollution due to storage
Low energy consumption & Free maintenances
Led display , easy to control & operation
Great Potential of Ozone
Behind fluorine and hydroxyl radicals, ozone has the third highest oxidation potential at 2.07 . .
Ozone  is 50 times more powerful and over 3000 times faster acting than chlorine bleach.
During its short “lifespan,” ozone is highly reactive .

Great Potential of Ozone

Ozone Demand-Decay Curve
Ozone  is a high-energy molecule. Its half life in water at room temperature is only
10 minutes, and it decomposes into simple oxygen.
There are no toxic byproducts or potential health damages when properly used as a micro biocide.

Ozone Demand-Decay Curve

Ozone water molecule

Ozone water molecule

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