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  • Introduction on Ecolandry G3 -Detergentless ozone laundry water system

    Detergentless Eco Laundry SystemBrief Introduction on Eco Laundry System The Eco Laundry System is an eco-conscious appliance designed to work with your residential washing machine. It infuses cold tap water with ozone,hydrogen peroxide and ions and mixes them together through a static mixer to crea

  • Ozone Laundry System Can Help Save Water and Energy

    Ozone Laundry Systems Can Help Save Water and Energy Ozone is a compound in which three atoms of oxygen are combined to form the molecule O3, which is a strong, naturally occurring oxidizing and disinfecting agent. Ozone Laundry System is an eco-conscious appliance designed to attach to & work with washing machine.

  • Benefits of ozone laundry - Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Ozone household and commercial laundry are good for reducing Carbon Footprint

  • 2017 WOWTECH internet sales strategy conference

    On Oct.26th, 2016, WOWTECH internet sales “the Grandfather” conference was hold in WOWTECH services center.
    The Grandfarther is kind of comprehensive internet paltform, including sourcing, operation innovation, technology incubation, desing innovation, manfauture, managerment, socialnomic, profit-sharing and sharing holding.

  • High-Tech Enterprise Certificate

    High-Tech Enterprise Certificate

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