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Eco “2+1” Air Purifier System (OLK-J-01)

  • OLK-J-01

Eco “2+1” Air Purifier System (OLK-J-01)


E co 2+1 Air  Clean is an environmental air purified facility  m ainly used in hotel, bar, KTV, offices, schools, cinemas and other public places, especially in some smoking area, the unit is developed to reduce airborne germs, improve indoor air quality comfortable climate, and treat exhausted air.  The whole system contains a high voltage air fillter, ozone air purifier and negative purifier. The three units work together to make air treatment perfectly.
The whole process do not need any external vents, it’s a high-tech environmental product, avoiding the environment pollution.


Application Hotel, school,  Cinema, hospital, public area 

1) Firstly, HEVF to absorb 99.6%dust and smoke;  remove PM 2.5 efficiently 
2) Secondly, S trong oxidant  to kill 99% fungi and virus
3) Thirdly, enrich negative ions volume in the air to refresh
4) Supply a ir circulation  and intelligent air quality monitor
5) PMW, Steeples Frequency,  Energy conservation
6) Low noise
7) Modern and easy for maintenance

Product Name / Model: Eco “2+1” Air Purifier System / OLK-J-01
Voltage: AC 110V~220V  50/60Hz
Power: 100W 80W 60W 3.5W
Wind Level: 90% 60% 30% Silent
Wind Speed (m⊃3;/h): 530m⊃3;/h 320m⊃3;/h 168m⊃3;/h
CADR: 99.90%
Ambient Noise: 45db 40db 30db 0
Recommend Room Size: 50-~100
Size: 11.65’’X14.56’’X31.88cm ( host ) 15.94’’X9.84’’X11.81 (guest)
Weight: 242 LBS                                                                                                

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