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Ozone Laundry System Can Help Save Water and Energy

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Ozone Laundry Systems Can Help Save Water and Energy



Ozone is a compound in which three atoms of oxygen are combined to form the molecule O3, which is a strong, naturally occurring oxidizing and disinfecting agent. Ozone Laundry System is an eco-conscious appliance designed to attach to & work with your residential washing machine. It infuses cold tap water with ozone, hydrogen peroxide and ions and mixes them together through a static mixer to create the ultimate oxidizer known as the hydroxyl radical. 

Ozone laudnry system

As a general rule, on-premise laundries at home consume large amounts of hot water. These systems typically require a minimum water heat of 140°F. In most cases, an ozone system eliminates laundry extractors’ need for domestic hot water, saving space that would otherwise be allocated for water heating equipment. Additionally, after factoring in potential sewer credit, an on-premise ozone laundry system can reduce domestic water use between 20 percent and 40 percent. The ozone system can also reduce the use of chemicals by as much as 30 percent. There is, however, a higher capital cost for the system itself.Further benefits of an ozone laundry system include improved sterilization and safer working conditions because housekeeping staff is not dealing with dangerous chemicals. Ozone is also less harsh on hotel linens, affording longer linen use life and fewer chemical odors.

Wowtech is making efforts on supplying Ozone Water Treatment, Ozone Water Purifier,Eco Laundry System,Air Purifier. Ozone laundry system has been used for decades, but traditional ozone laundry systems are too large and too expensive. The new residential ozone laundry system we designed can be installed by any Small family in ten minutes. It can be adapted to any model of washing machine.

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