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● Technological innovation, looking for global exclusive agency
● Water and gas integrated machine
● Not only the ozone water processor, but also the ozone disinfection machine
● Invention patent , design patent
● Constant and controlled, free from temperature and humidity influence.

Functional Instruction

1. After the power is turned on, the OLK-WA-05 ozone water purifier is in standby mode, the power indicator LED1 shows red, other LEDs are not displayed, and the buzzer sounds for 1s.

2. After power on and through the tap water, the ozone water systems default high concentration ozone mode, power indicator LED1, high-ozone mode indicator LED56, water temperature indicator LED9-23, time indicator LED23-54 display blue timing; if the 4G signal is normal LED6, LED2-5 blue indicator, no 4G signal does not light.

3. High-low ozone level adjustment: touch the L control key to run the ozone water filter at low concentration, LED56 is off, LED57 green indicator; touch the H control key, the machine is working in high concentration, LED57  is off, LED56 blue indicator.

4. Negative ion purification: touch the O- control key, negative oxygen ion purification is turned on, LED55 blue indicator, the ozone water purification system turns on negative ion air purification mode, the operation is abnormally red flashing; negative oxygen mode helps to eliminate smoke and dust, improve air quality, and then improve lung function and myocardial function, enhance the body's ability to resist disease, etc., and has good effects on the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by air pollution.

5. Ozone purification: Touch the O3 control key, ozone purification is turned on, LED58 blue indicator, the ozone water purifier turns on the ozone air purification mode, the operation is abnormally red flashing; ozone can play the role of sterilization and disinfection, air purification, antiseptic preservation and odor removal.

6. UV lamp: use ultraviolet sterilization principle to purify the air intake source.

7. Ozone protection: when the operating current of the ozone generator is abnormal, the control system will cut off the power supply of the generator and control the ozone indicator on the display board to flash red.

8. The specific location of the LED is shown in Figure 1

Technical Parameter of Ozone Water Purifier


ECO 5thGenerationWater&AirIntegratedMachine



Voltage input

AC 100240V/5060Hz

Voltage output

DC 12V 3A 36W

Water Pressure

21.4psi75psi 1.5kg/²5.17kg/²



Ozone Concentration in Water


Ozone output in Air


Negative Ion output in Air


Area for Air Purification



Length460mm Width99mm Height303mm



Precautions During Installation

1. Do not install the ozone purification system with the cover open.

2. Do not tilt the ozone water treatment systems during installation. Place it horizontally.

3. The best distance for installation: The ozone generator water purifier should be 20-30cm above the water supply equipment.

4. Before installation, it is necessary to confirm the actual distance between the holes on the metal pendant, then determine the fixed position with a ruler, and finally fix the metal pendant with self-tapping screws.

5. This ozone water purification system requires no additional operation to power the configured power adapter and connect the power output interface to the product.

6. In order to reduce the risk of fire, shock, injury, etc., please put the power adapter in a dry place at room temperature.

7. Do not use any power accessories other than the power adapter.

8. Please do not operate with wet hands, there is a danger of electric shock.

9. The ozone water filtration system inlet/outlet is equipped with a special hose. After assembly, check whether the joint is properly tightened to prevent leakage at the joint.

10. To ensure the normal operation of the ozone water purifier, do not disconnect the product hose and keep the normal connection.

11. Make sure the water inlet of the water product is only connected to the ozone water systems.

Common Problems and Solutions of Water Purifier

common error

cause of issue

cause analysis

cause analysis

O3 alarm

The ozone generator is abnormal

1.Whether the terminal of the ozone generator is loose or falling off

Replug the terminal after unplugging the power supply

2.Is there water flowing back to the active oxygen generator in the air channel

Check the air channel and remove moisture

3.Excessive ambient humidity leads to moisture condensationin the tube

Check the air channel and remove moisture

4.Whether the generator fan stops causing poor heat dissipation

Check the running status of the generator side fan

Do not work after water is supplied

Abnormal power supply or water flow switch

1.Check whether the water pressure reaches the standard (the water pressure must be greater than or equal to 1.5MPa or 21.8psi)

Supporting detection tools detection

2.If the power indicator does not light, check the power adapter

Re-plug the power plug and check the power instructions

3.If the power indicator is normal,

A.Check whether the water flow switch terminal is off

Unplug the power supply and re-plug the water flow switch terminal

B.Whether the signal board of the water flow switch is loose

Press the signal board to re-lock when passing water

C.Is there any foreign body stuck in the flow switch impeller or venturi tube

Backwash to clean foreign objects or replace pipes

D.Whether it passes for a long time >50℃ hot water

Replace the water flow switch

Low ozone concentration in the water

no ozone smell

Malfunction of ozone mixer

1.ozone hose is clogged.

Check all the air and ozone hoses, clean or

replace them

2.water output is lowless than 3.5L/min.

Measure the water output(larger than 3.5L/min)

3.ozone generator is broken

Check and replace the ozone generator

4.water is not clean or contains too many bacterials.

Use clean water

5.outlet of water pipe is toonarrowdiameter is less than 10mm.

Change another pipe with larger diameter

Low water output

Malfunction of waterpipeorhose

too many otherwaterequipments are being used.

Turn off other water equipment

water hose is clogged.

Check the hoses, clean or replace them


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