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Working Principle

1.Water flow switch: The magnetic core driven by the water flow is induced by the Hall switch to generate a square wave signal. The faster the water flow, the higher the frequency of the square wave.

2.Ozone generator: The ozone generator is a process of converting oxygen into ozone using the principle of high-voltage discharge. That is, high-voltage alternating current is applied to a high-voltage electrode with an insulator and a certain gap in the middle, so that the passing dry purified air or oxygen can pass. When the high-voltage alternating current reaches 10-15KV, a blue glow discharge [corona] is generated, and the free high-energy ions in the corona dissociate O2 molecules and polymerize into O3 molecules through collision.

3.Venturi tube: When gas or liquid flows in the venturi tube, the dynamic pressure reaches the maximum at the narrowest part of the pipe, and the static pressure reaches the minimum. The velocity of the gas (liquid) increases due to the decrease in the cross-sectional area of the flow. The entire inrush current has to go through the pipeline shrinking process at the same time, so the pressure is also reduced at the same time. Then a pressure difference is generated. This pressure difference is used to measure or provide an external suction to the fluid. What we use is this external suction to absorb ozone into the water to achieve the purpose of gas-liquid mixing and produce ozone water.

Working Mode

1.High ozone level: Ozone module keeps working;

2.Low ozone level:Ozone module works for 60s, stops for 30s, work in reciprocating cycle;

3.Non ozone level:Ozone module stops working;

4.Air drier: 
① The module starts to heat and dry when the ozone water purifier is turned on; 
② After the ozone water systems stops working for 3 hours, the air dryer is heated and dried for 30 minutes, and the air source is heated for 30 minutes every 3 hours before the machine is turned on, work in reciprocating cycle;

5.Working mode is selected by touching key under the DC port: High, Low , Non ozone;
When the ozone water filter is powered on, the buzzer beeps once to indicate that the water system is powered on, and the power indicator light(LED47 51 67 68) turns orange.

6.The way to start the ozone purification system: detect the square wave signal generated by the water flow switch; the control circuit captures 6 pulse signals of water flow switch within 10ms to start the machine;

7. When the ozone water purification system is powered on, the control circuit needs to record the last working mode, and the machine will run in the previous working mode when it is started next time.

Technical Parameter of Ozone Water Purifier


ECO 1th Generation Water&Air Treatment   Integrated Machine



Voltage input

AC 100~240V/50~60Hz

Voltage output

DC 12V 3A 36W

Water Pressure

21.4psi~75psi (1.5kg/㎝²~5.17kg/㎝²)


Length  456mm Width 270mm Height 106.8mm


2.65 kg

Installation Site and Environmental Considerations

Due to the danger of electric shock, please insert the power adapter of this ozone water systems into the power socket (pay attention to electric shock) while the end user keeps his hands dry. Please do not install this water purifier in the following places and environments:

● Place that People may unconsciously hit by ozone water purifier and its accessories
● Mechanical shock or impact site
● Corrosive or combustible gas sites
● Place where temperature changes frequently
● Place that the temperature is too high (above 50℃), too low (below 0℃)
● Place under direct light
● Site that is heavily affected by electromagnetic waves
● Place with high humidity (surrounding humidity over 85%)
● Place surrounded by combustible materials
● A dusty or salty place
● Place with strong uv rays

Although the ozone water purifier is made of fireproof materials, please do not install it where there are inflammable goods to prevent accidents.

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